Jeff Swenson has been in the cartooning game fulltime for the last 6 years running a small business called Toon Design. He develops comic strip features and flash animation for websites looking to add content to entertain their visitors. Before that he worked several crappy jobs including fast food, the cinema, security guard and customer service. These crappy jobs are the motivational force behind Jeff's current success as he does not want to return to the hell that was once his life.

In addition the artist draws several features of his own creation including the one on this site "Frenetic Wanderings." Frenetic Wanderings is one of many panel gag cartoons on the web but sets itself apart by its style and the humor which is often a twisted perspective on popular culture.

If you would like to contact the artist feel free to e-mail a kind word, an offensive remark, or an uninformed criticism (just kidding, I don't mind critics).

Toon Design also wants your business if you are looking for exclusive and original cartoons or if you are interested in printing Frenetic Wanderings in your paper. Please read more details here. If you are a webmaster looking to add Frenetic Wanderings to your site, more details are here.