Cartoonist Jeff Swenson explains why he changed the name of his cartoon feature

If you're a long time reader of the gag cartoon series Frenetic Wanderings you might have noticed the name change as of 11/13/2006.

It's unusual for someone to change the name of their cartoon series after almost 7 years running but I finally decided it was time to do it.

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When I originally started Frenetic Wanderings on the web I honestly didn't know what the hell I was doing. I didn't even know how to do a webpage and was lucky to get my dial-up connection to work. All I did was send my gag cartoons via a small email list to friends and some strangers (I didn't know better at the time). I didn't think deeply about the long term. I was working a crappy job after a failed venture and I was just experimenting.

Time passes and in 2006 my feature is being read across the internet and is viewed more times than I ever imagined it would be. But people have a difficult time with the title: Frenetic Wanderings. It's too long and cumbersome. If it was a rock band it would make sense; they always choose esoteric names because they're mostly high. However, a cartoonist should keep it simple--even though they're mostly high.

The title originally came from when I was 19 and creating ezines off of xerox machines. I had always wanted to start an ezine of fiction and thus I opened up a thesaurus and came up with the weirdest name possible for stories that were a journey into horror, fantasy and sci-fi: "Frenetic" plus "Wanderings." This is reasonable for a lousy, artsy ezine that maybe would be distributed to 100 people or sold on the bottom shelf of Tower Records. As it happens I never even produced one copy. I only advertised it in some of my distributed comics as "coming soon."

So after I got out of Art School years later, when I was trying to think up a title for a gag cartoon series, I thought why not use the same title I came up with for the fiction ezine? I didn't realize there might be long term consequences to a shortly decided venture.

Changing from Frenetic Wanderings to Frenetic Funnies isn't a drastic change. It's more like I'm evolving the title to reflect it's current status. Frenetic, the word, refers to something that is frenzied or a frenzy. I figure most surfers on the web are in a frenzy. They like to read my cartoon and then move on with their day. Frenetic Funnies as a title makes sense in that regard. It fits the web culture. So there you have it: Frenetic Funnies by Jeff Swenson .