Back in the day, this option used to be available, but Frenetic Funnies is no longer a running feature and as such is no longer a rotating cartoon for webmasters. However, you can contact me at to get a zip file to rotate yourself or post as an archive.

While I'm deleting the web info, I'm leaving the print info as a possible option if you wanted some early web cartoons for a project. While I am planning on doing some new collections, I have several projects ahead of even considering a Frenetic Funnies reunion. Remember that Frenetic Funnies came out at the end of 1999 and ran for about 10 years in various forms. Time moves on.


Any problems with this html or any questions please feel free to ask.

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Printing Frenetic Funnies in your publication
I'm always happy to have editors contact me to publish Frenetic Funnies gag cartoons in their publication. Usually the first question is what do I charge? Well, it depends...

1. Commercial Ventures -- 10.00 a month subscription fee or what they call a syndication fee. It means you can run Frenetic Funnies in your daily, weekly or monthly publication. I allow more than one toon to be published at a time in the same issue as long as you're not excessive, say a set of 8 toons for one issue is about the maximum allowed. Updates will be emailed to you and I can take payments via or check, whatever you prefer.

2. Nonprofit or Student publications -- If you are running a free publication like a student paper or charity publication feel free to contact me for a donation of funnies to your efforts.

3. Book Publishers -- It may depend on your project but I'm willing to negotiate or consider your standard pay rate. If you are doing a no budget project I might be willing to consider copies of the book as payment.

4. Other material such as T-shirts, mugs, etc are negotiable but if you want to pay based on a percentage of profit that may be acceptable.

If you have any questions let me know. You can contact me at:



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